If you read an article, sets of guidelines or ‘How To’ for starting a business, it is likely that you will abandon the idea.

Starting up a business requires lots of investment – of capital, of time, of resources, of commitment, and more. What are the basics of starting a business, any business?

Online Shopping Portal –

Quite a few. The following bare minimum requirements must be met:

  • Idea
  • Legal authorization
  • Inventory (in case of product)
  • Infrastructure (from furniture to phone line)
  • Stationary & Logo
  • Utilities (electricity, running water)
  • Work-space (working from home has its advantages, but tends to end up in failure more often)
  • Market research (Basic SWOT analysis; understanding of industry; competitor analysis)
  • Contacts & Network (for supply-chain; acquisitions; getting projects, etc.)

Are you overwhelmed? Most people are.


But now, it’s much simpler. All you need is:

An idea.
And a computer with an internet connection.

But can you really start a business with only these two things?

Yes. How?


Such platforms have revolutionized entrepreneurship. You only have to register yourself with one of the many online marketplaces that are part of the eCommerce sector in Pakistan.

Make a profile and load your product or service.

In no time, you will be receiving orders.


Global giants like eBay and Amazon use the online marketplace model, where registered merchants and vendors upload product information. The high traffic means that a lot of visitors see your products. Once they decide to buy your product, they contact you directly and the transaction is executed.

Online Shopping in Pakistan are doing big business. So much so, that SheOps, a women-only online marketplace, has attracted tens of thousands of members; and has found unprecedented success in a short span of time.

Online Shopping


Ingenuous entrepreneurs have leveraged the advantages offered by online marketplaces to do a large range of businesses.

Even those who cannot afford to acquire an inventory can do business. One young lady decided to sell jewelry online. She went to the jewelry store that her family frequents, and took photographs of the products. Adding a little mark-up to the selling price, she put the products online. Soon, she was flooded with orders.

By providing intermediary services, she created value for the buyer, by saving him/her the hassle of buying from a traditional store, and for the jewelry store owner, by giving him access to a greater customer base and adding to his sales.

If you want to start a business, you can, too. All you need to do is visit one of the many online market places in Pakistan, like Jambo, and registering yourself. Following a small verification process, you can start your business. Use social media platforms for marketing, and start making money!


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